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Blood Sugar Ultra: My Review and Why I Quit After 14 Days . . .

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Here's my review after using it for 14 days...Here’s what I really think!

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Hi there, I’m Rose and as a residential caregiver, I’ve been up close and personal with the after effects of high blood sugar for twenty years. I’ve had patients who have been totally incapacitated as a result of developing Type 2 Diabetes – everything from stroke to blindness. But I never thought I’d be a victim myself. Yet by the age of 60 – a year ago – my sugar heavy diet finally caught up with me.

I’d always felt tired after work, but suddenly I was getting waves of fatigue that were overwhelming. 🙁

I ws also finding it increasingly hard to concentrate and began getting visual disturbances. It was bad enough to send me to the doctor. It was there that I discovered that my blood sugar level was way too high. It was sitting around 15 instead of the 3-5 that was normal.

To be honest, I didn’t do much about it back then. It was only when I began to get calluses, infections and ulcers on my feet that I decided that I had to do something to get my blood sugar down.

How I Found Blood Sugar Ultra

Knowing that all of my symptoms were directly linked to excess blood sugar, I went directly to Google in search of a product that was guaranteed to bring down my blood glucose levels. I came across a number of products, but the one that really caught my eyes was Blood Sugar Ultra. It seemed to have the most user testimonials and research to back it up.

So, I clicked on BUY NOW.

With the promise that it would bring my blood sugar levels down within 7 days, I was excited to receive the product. Over the last month, I’d been cleaning up my diet (I even switched to using Stevia in my coffee) and I was confident that the combination of diet and Blood Sugar Ultra would bring my blood glucose down to normal levels.

What’s Included

Blood Sugar Ultra is a completely natural supplement that promises to instantly bring down your blood glucose levels. It includes the following two main natural ingredients . . .

  • Mulberry leaf extract
  • Morus Indica

These two ingredients are claimed to have scientific backing behind their ability to bring down blood sugar as well as LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

When you buy Blood Sugar Ultra you also receive the follow bonus products:

  • The lean liver jumpstart
  • The better blood sugar protocol

These bonus manuals include 7 and 30-day meal plans designed to help users bring down their body fat levels as Blood Sugar Ultra brings down blood glucose levels.

Is Blood Sugar Ultra Worth Your Money?

Blood Sugar Ultra cost me $69 for a one-month supply. However, I never even got to use it for a month. The online advertising had promised that I would find immediate reductions in my blood glucose levels. Having a home monitor, I was excited to see this for myself. So, I measured by blood sugar level every day, at the same time.

After three days, it still hadn’t budged from it’s 14 reading. That made me frown, but I told myself to be patient. But by the end of that first week, there was still no change.

I was beginning to smell a rip-off?

Things didn’t get better in the second week. In fact, they got worse. Not only did any blood glucose level not move, but I started to get stomach cramps after taking the capsules. They only lasted for an hour or so, but that was bad enough!

After 14 days with no results and daily stomach pains, I gave up on Blood Sugar Ultra. 🙁

Finding a Better Alternative

Three months later, I was at work when I noticed that one of my patients was no longer struggling with foot ulcers. When I asked her what she done, she pulled out a bottle of supplements called Blood Sugar Premier. It had reduced her blood glucose by 9 points!

That was it. As soon as I got home, I ordered Blood Sugar Premier.

​Comparing Blood Sugar Premier with Blood Sugar Ultra


Blood Sugar Premier

Blood Sugar Ultra

Number of Ingredients



Includes Piperine & Berberine



Money Back Guarantee



Price Per Bottle



​Discounts and Coupon Codes

Unfortunately,Blood Sugar Ultra discount isn't available online.

If you are looking for discount for Blood Sugar Premier, Kathy from the comments below found one that worked perfectly fine. Hope it works for you...

UPDATE: My Results with Blood Sugar Premier

I was delighted to find that this product was actually the real deal. From Day 2, my blood glucose began to drop by an average of a point per day. After 14 days, I was down 7, which is just outside of the normal range!

At the same time, my symptoms were reducing as if by magic. It’s now been six weeks and I’m on my second bottle and my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. 🙂

 Is Blood Sugar Premier Worth the Money?

Blood Sugar Premier is considerably less expensive than Blood Sugar Ultra . . .

And the big difference is that Premier actually delivers on its promises, unlike Ultra!

What’s more, there was no stomach pain or other side effects with Blood Sugar Premier.

The more you buy Blood Sugar Premier, the less you will pay.

  • If you buy a 3 month supply you will pay just $39 per bottle.
  • If you buy a 6 month supply you will pay just $33 per bottle.


After two weeks, I discovered that Blood Sugar Ultra was NOT the answer to my high blood sugar problems. Thank goodness, I didn’t give up, because I then discovered the real solution . . . 🙂

Go directly to the official website for Blood Sugar Premier to read more about this product.

Special Thanks to my patient for the recommendation...this supplement helped me alot. ❤

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I bought more than 3 months supply of Blood Sugar Ultra. But didn’t work one bit. In fact I didn’t bother to finish it. What a waste of money.


    Sorry to hear Adam…Did you try getting a refund?


Hi Rose,
Your review is 100% accurate..I tried blood sugar ultra for 30 days, it did not help me at all..Useless.


    Hi Janice,
    Thank you for reading my review…Never give up and i hope you found my experience helpful. 🙂


Hello Rose!

Yes, this actually sounds pretty bad to me. I’m glad I read your review before I spent my money on Blood Sugar Ultra. Your other recommendation seems much better I would say.
I’m just curious if there is a discount for that one?


I tried many different brands and Blood Sugar Premier by zenith labs the only one that helps me to keep sugar down.
I would highly recommend you give it a try and make your own decision.


    Hi Dave,
    Happy to hear that from you..
    Yes Blood Sugar Premier worth it.


Hey Rose,
Thanks for your honest review!
I got mine here: http://www.truediscounts.co/bloodsugarpremier-discount/ and saved me 50% off. Just start using it and notice a difference.


    Hey Kathy,
    Glad that you like it.
    Thanks for sharing this…I’ll go ahead and add it to the main post.


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